• Roundabout Walks

    Documentation blog for my walks around the very suburban suburb I live in. The practice of walking is a form of resistance to the consumerist desire for fast, seamless travel epitomised by the automobile.

  • The Plinths of Sydney

    An ongoing investigation into the material characteristics of the plinths of Sydney monumental statuary.

  • Art History Misspellings

    When I feel bored in meetings, I draw on post-it notes or whatever paper I have to hand. This tumblr is a misguided attempt to appear more productive by showing the results of my occasional activity.

  • Trees

    cutout of engraving of tree

    From Suburban Birdspotters.

    tree pruned to avoid power line
  • Birdspotters return

    collection of sandstone fragments dug up from veggie patch

    After a lapse of almost one year, Nuno and I are working on the birdspotters project again.