There And Back Again

2011 Installation: cardboard, drawings, plants, booklets; dimensions variable.

In a room with an east-facing window, a dividing wall was built. The division is not symmetrical: the line of this new wall is at an oblique angle to east and west walls and its shape is roughly triangular due to the inclination of the ceiling, which descends almost to floor level on the east side of the room. The only door is on the south side of the west wall.

The dividing wall is made of cardboard and supported by cardboard buttresses. The buttresses are placed on the side which can’t be accessed via the door. This space can be seen through a small window to the left of the door. It is lit by a desk lamp, fixed to a drawing board to which several drawings are stuck with masking tape. Behind the drawing board are two metal shelving units. On top of these are two cardboard models, apparently of the same room.

The other section of the room is lit by the light coming in through the window. There is also a fluorescent lamp attached to the ceiling, parallel to the door. The window gives onto a small veranda elevated one metre in relation to the floor of the room. This veranda is full of potted plants, some of which are edible or produce edible fruit. A series of photographs of tomato plants in what seems to be a vegetable garden are nailed to the south wall with thin iron nails. On top of a table against the same wall is a book with drawings of tomato plants, together with several loose drawings and A5 sized booklets. Access to the area outside the window is blocked by plants in pots. The view is limited to tops of buildings visible over the veranda wall.